"The Last Night London Burned" by George Binette, showing never before published pictures of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, is a must for any fan of The Clash.
This limited edition book goes behind the scenes of the 15th November 2002 London Fire Brigade Union gig with Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros at Action Town Hall.

  The event gained a place in the annals of rock'n'roll history when the ex-Clash guitarist Mick Jones joined Strummer on stage for 3 songs. It was the first time they had shared a public stage in nearly two decades and tragically, they are the last pictures ever of them due to Joe's untimely death the following month.

The book will be retailed at 5 and runs to 64 pages in full colour, with B&W photos of Joe and The Clash from Pennie Smith, Jill Furmanovsky and Kevin Cummins; and centres on the Acton Town Hall benefit in London on 15 November 2002 with a dozen photos taken by the author that night. Grant Fleming (a long-time rock 'n' roll road manager) has given a shot of Joe & Paul Weller taken at the "V2000" festival. The text runs to about 12,000 words. In the first instance, the London region of the FBU will be responsible for distribution : The book is published by the FBU and Ethical Threads, the Trade Union owned merchandising company (

Acton Town Hall concert uploaded to youtube :

Londons Burning

White Riot
The invitation only press launch of 'The Last Night London Burned' took place at the historic 100 Club,100 Oxford St, London W1 on Tuesday 25 February 2003 at 1.00 pm.

"There were brief speeches from Geoff Martin, the London convenor of Britain's biggest union, UNISON, who was the MC at the 15 November gig, John McGhee - a member of the FBU's national executive - and Linda Smith, who is the treasurer of the union's London region and was instrumental in organising the gig after seeing Joe & The Mescaleros perform at the Fleadh. She mentioned that Joe had made a moving speech about the plight of 58 "illegal" Chinese immigrants who had died in the back of a lorry en route to England as he introduced "Shaktar Donestsk". I explained a bit about the genesis of the book, spoke about the importance of Joe and The Clash to me over the years, urged people to support the firefighters and act to stop the war, while I also just about avoided making a fool of myself before dashing off for an interview with Liz Kershaw of BBC Radio 6 (a digital station), who was extremely pleasant and gave me 10 minutes to speak about the book and reminisce."

" the 100 Club, scene of the September 1976 "punk festival", Mick Jones and Topper Headon were among those on hand to mark the launch of "The Last Night Burned ". This is a book I have authored that focuses on Joe & The Mescaleros' final gig in London - a benefit for the British firefighters' union (the FBU) on Friday 15 November............the concert featured the first appearance by Joe and Mick on a public stage in nearly 20 years."
Ex-school associates, Mick Jones and  Don.J.Whistance, finally meet for a chat.............
"It was an extraordinary afternoon, with dozens of fans queuing to get Topper and Mick to autograph copies of the book. Mick displayed infinite patience as people asked to pose with him for photos and two young Japanese tourists took a seemingly endless series of shots. Clash songs were played for the better part of 90 minutes, with Topper standing next to me at one stage singing "Guns of Brixton " while an FBU member filmed a video for the union's campaign archives."
" It was a very emotional day and when I arrived home late last evening I put on the CD version of "Sandinista!" and began to cry."

" In response to earlier queries, the book should by now be available through the merchandising link on the FBU website ( any of you do live in the London area, copies are definitely available at Bookmarks (1 Bloomsbury Street, WC1) and Selectadisc (Berwick Street, W1). Copies should soon be available at Houseman's (Caledonian Road, N1) and the Rough Trade shop in West London. We have looked at distribution deals but given that this is a fundraiser for the FBU it is proving difficult to strike a satisfactory deal. Amazon, for example, demands 60% of the cover price for online distribution (hear the sound of grinding teeth and barely stifled expletives). For those of you who are in Europe the book would cost 10 Euros with postage and packaging charges included (I think that 10 US dollars would also cover it). Cheques should be made payable to the "London Region FBU", marked "Strummer book" on the back. The union's office is at: 1 John Horner Mews, off Frome Street, London, England N1 8PB. Your best contact is the treasurer, Linda Smith (tel: 020 7359 3638/, a big Clash fan and an organiser of the historic 15 November gig. Sorry to whet people's appetites, but this project has been done on a shoestring in less than two months by people with limited business contacts but a huge love for Joe, The Clash and what we believe they stood for."
Cheers, George.        
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