(Mick Jones in 1974)


     In May 1974, Joe returned to London, a squat at 23, Chippenham Road, on Maida Hill off the Harrow Road, where his old busking partner Tymon Dogg lived. Amazingly, it was only a couple of hundred yards from Mick Jones's Wilmcote House high rise.

Joe and Tymon teamed up again in 1999 with the formation of the Mescaleros band.



    During the mid-seventies, it was relatively simple to gain access to empty property, which were awaiting redevelopment by the Greater London Council.

Joe moved in that same month to 101, Walterton Road and formed a band out of the resident squatters.


        Appearing on 6th September 1974 at the Telegraph music pub at 228 Brixton Hill, London the band would be known as The 101'ers.

The Four photographs kindly provided by RAY EAGLE....

101'ers First Gig Poster

First 101'ers Gig, The Telegraph, Brixton Hill.

The 101'ers Walterton Road

The 101'ers Basement band room in Walterton Road.


'The 101'ers' junction of Orsett Terrace & Porchester Terrace North, London W2 1976.
L-R: Joe Strummer, Trouble the dog, 'Evil C' Timperley, 'Snakehips' Dudanski, and 'Desperate' Dan Kelleher.

(Liz, Ana, Rocco and Charlie the dog)


 101, Walterton is now a block of flats. Opposite the flats is an example of the type of Walterton houses in the form of 100 and 102 Walterton road.

The squatting movement also foreshadowed the punk ideal of taking control of your own destiny and making things happen for yourself.


100 and 102 Walterton road.


Walterton Lodge stands next door to 101 Walterton road.



           The 101'ers started up their own Charlie Pigdog club in the Chippenham public house's small upstairs room on the   4th December 1974, situated on the corner of Malvern and Shirlands (where they form a junction with both Chippenham & Walterton roads).


The new club was christened the Charlie Pigdog club in honour of Charlie, the squat mascot, a mongrel with a Heinz 57 pedigree.


 The 101'ers played their weekly residency on Thursday nights, tickets on sale at the door, priced 10 pence.



The landlord shut down the Charlie Pigdog club following a gig on 24th April 1975.

 The club was a snooker room but has now become a series of B&B rooms.


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