1221 6th Avenue, New York...
 The Sun Triangle, designed by meteorologist and oceanographer Athelstan Spilhaus, was installed in inside the sunken plaza outside the McGraw-Hill Building, located at 1221 Avenue of the Americas, in 1973. The outline of the 50-foot stainless steel triangle points too a seasonal position of the sun at solar noon in New York City. The shortest bottom side points to the sun's lowest noon position on the winter solstice, an altitude of 26, on December 21; the steepest side points to the sun's highest position on the summer solstice, an altitude of 73, at 1:00 pm (noon if it weren't for daylight savings time) on June 21; and the longest side, the upper leg, points to the sun at noon on the spring and autumn equinoxes on March 21 and September 23. There are maps imbedded in the pavement of the plaza which illustrate the earth's land and water masses. The plaza also has a reflecting pool, symbolizing the sun, and nine stainless steel spheres, representing the nine planets.



The McGraw Hill Building, the "Y" building of the XYZ Buildings, at 1221 Avenue of the Americas, was completed in 1969. The oldest in the XYZ plan, it is the second tallest, sitting at 674-feet and 51-stories. In additon to McGraw Hill, other tenants include Sirius XM Radio whose headquarters and broadcast facility are in the building.



ROCKEFELLER CENTRE in the background...
Here the right angle, 2013:
From the opposite side, 2019:


On the left the TRIANGULAR STATUE is not there?
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